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Guatemala Single-Origin Coffee

These Guatemalan single origin coffee beans are perfect for drinkers that like that sweeter, rich flavor. Amazingly delicious beans that are roasted specially to deliver fruity upfront acidity and a sweet cherry finish. Coffee grown in Guatemala usually is known for having a full body and a rich chocolate/cocoa flavor, plus a toffee-like sweetness. Guatemalan coffees are true Central American coffees.

Guatemala Coffee Features:

Great Tasting Guatemalan Organic Rare, Single Origin Gourmet Coffee - This single origin specialty brings out the best possible aroma and flavor every morning. No blending in from other regions, countries or types of coffee, gives this rare but delicious tasting coffee, a flavor compared to no other. This specific single estate coffee is grown at the base of Two Volcanoes in Guatemala. Great for House or high end restaurants. Better tasting than French roast coffee.

The Best Flavor and unique Aroma Thanks to it's Freshly Roast - Freshly roasted fair trade, Arabica coffee beans retain a great deal of their natural earthy, bringing out the best possible flavor & aroma. This coffee is grown organically at the base of two volcanoes, where rich minerals enhance the flavor and smell of each and every bean, even before it's roasted.

Roasted in Small Batches to Garantee an Even, Medium Roast - Small batch roasting is more expensive because of labor costs, but ensures that each bean of coffee is of superior quality and roasted evenly to desired specifications. This process draws out the best possible flavor in each batch. Small batch roasting permits a higher quality standard in coffee throughout the complete process: from picking out the correct size of each coffee bean, to slowly roasting each small batch to perfection.

Preserve the Best Taste, as Long as Possible - We know consuming your premium coffee bags as soon as roasted is the best way to go, but sometimes, coffee is stored in warehouses, shelves or even in your home's pantry kitchen. For this reason, each bag of Two Volcanoes Coffee is not only packaged as soon as roasting permits it, but also comes with a degassing valve built into it, to ensure only natural gas goes out, but not in, preventing it from staling. Makes great cappuccino.

Guatemala Coffee Roast Level:

You can order this coffee as a lighter roast; you may taste hints of raisin or strawberry.  Do you prefer a stronger coffee?  Order this Guatemala bean as a dark roast to gain more hints of cocoa.

The medium roast option is also available (we think it is wonderful at that roast level!). Simply select the desired roast level when you order.

Guatemala Coffee Grind Options:

Each brewing method requires different sizes of coffee grinds. Here’s a coffee grind chart showing the best grinds to use for a French press, pour over, siphon, stovetop espresso, and Turkish coffee maker.

Grind for a French Press – Coarse Grind

Grind for a Pour over – Medium-Coarse Grind

Grind for a Stovetop Espresso Maker – Fine Grind

Grind for a Siphon Coffee Maker– Standard Grind

This Guatemala Single Origin Coffee is great for:

 Auto Drip / Pour overs: Easiest method of coffee preparation, consistent every time, and you will love it

Cold Brew Iced Coffee: You won't believe how naturally sweet it comes out, without any sugar. Make sure you use a very coarse grind, and steep for 19 hours

Iced Coffee: For best results, brew double strength and pour/drip over ice immediately

French press: If you are successful getting a consistent brew from a French press, you will want to go a hair finer than your normal grind size for this roast.

Guatemala Coffee Specifications:

Ingredients: Guatemala Coffee

Roast: Light, Medium, Dark

Sizes: 12oz, 1LB, 2LB, 5LB, 12LB

Grind: Whole Bean, Standard, Coarse, Medium Coarse, Fine, Espresso

What’s in the Guatemala Coffee Box?

Guatemala Single-Origin Coffee

Guatemala Coffee Video:



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